Should the Heroes of Silicon Valley be our Own?

If you are in any way involved in the tech industry and read up on tech startups or have even watched the HBO show Silicon Valley; you will have heard of the now established tradition of many new startups claiming to have produced something life changing. This new technology or product will change the way we interact the world and will rid us of some terrible inconvenience, (such as talking to the people around us but we won’t go there.) What is become glaring apparent is that many of this generations brightest minds can be found in tech hubs across the world looking to create the ‘next big thing,’ and changing the definition of the words they use so often. ‘Life changing’, ‘revolutionary’, and even ‘make the worlds a better place’ is now more often associated with the latest app to hit the market and less to do with the defections we would hope them to be.

Jerry Sienfeld said something a number of years ago that also rings true here. He talks about the scientific feat of seedless watermelons. Now to genetically engineer these watermelons it took around 15 years and extremely bright scientists do to and yet instead of focusing on cancer or other terminal diseases, these doctors decided to ride the world of the terrible inconvenience of spitting out a pit from a bite of watermelon.

That is not to say that there aren’t great people doing amazing things with technology to better the world. There are a number of developers that are focused of health and people’s wellbeing, and are developing technologies for that. Yet, the emphasis, the ‘tech-celebrities’, and those given most recognition from the larger tech sites, are oftentimes the startups that show the most potential profitability, or easy integration into the general populace such as a potential social media app. We are rapidly approaching the era of the internet of things, where technology will be integrated in our lives in ways we cannot yet imagine. But before we get there, it is up to us to celebrate the real celebrities of the technology industry, and make sure we are heading in the right direction.


The Quest For the Prefect Blogging Platform

Blogging online is really interesting when you think about it from a historical/psychological perspective.

The need to share thoughts, ideas or worries, has existed (at least as far as I understand it,) as far back as speech itself. Historically, people would confide in a person of authority for guidance, support or validation. Historically this role would be fulfilled by a religious leader or wise elder of some sort- be it familial, tribal or religious.

Additionally, journals have been found that date back thousands of years. I would imagine that journalling comes from the need for significance. That even after this time has passed or the person has died, they left something behind to prove that they were there. They existed, and created something that mattered. Or did something worth documenting.

On the other hand, I could be way off, and these could both just be forms of thinking through an idea or situation by externalising, limiting into words and then digesting it into a clear, approachable situation.

For me, I am blogging much in the same way that Zach Braff’s character screams into the abyss in Garden State.

Not so I can kiss Natalie Portman (though I wouldn’t say no,) rather, because even though I don’t believe anyone will actually hear me and read this- I am going to do it anyway.

With all this useless rambling aside, I am on a quest to find the perfect blogging platform. I dont feel I have anything particularly important or insightful to say; and if you are looking for a blog that covers news or makes sense, I am using my blogger blog for that (found here.)

For now this is just the beginning. Should I surprise myself and decide that this is enjoyable enough to dive into- I may just host my own website on some hosting provider or another.